Friday, February 26, 2010

what is a Canadian

A Canadian is WILD about hockey. No! You don't understand. You have to experience it to know... hockey MATTERS. REALLY MATTERS.

A Canadian is determined and will rise to the occasion. Even if she gets crushed she will get up again. Stubborn.

A Canadian is stronger than she looks.

A Canadian woman can smoke a cigar with the best of them.

In light of all this Steve and I were PROUD of Canadians who jumped up in the stands, pounding and chanting USA!USA!USA! during the time Women's Hockey Team USA received their silver medals.

A Canadian is someone who, while having fought to win, wants to encourage the one that took silver, because everyone is a winner, and a worthy foe is a treasure.


Lloyd & Sharon said...

Interesting. I didn't see the game (being at worship practice), but it's interesting to know that there were those who did cheer on the silver medallists.

The buzz in the news today is all about the on-ice celebration after the game, and whether it was appropriate--I haven't heard a word about other medallists or support for them. I guess today Canada is focused on the fact that they won and their right (or not) to celebrate in a certain manner.

I would hope that there were some who were magnanimous in their victory.


Krissi said...

That made me tear up when I heard them and I thought, "Ah, I want to be Canadian, too." You Canadians are so precious. :)