Friday, February 12, 2010

he's back and messing things up already

I've had four days to control my world. I've coped. Comforted myself by buying new shoes. Eaten dark green vegy's (and chocolate.) Listened to crazy music. Turned the heat too high.

And so last night Steve returned. I welcome him with a grunt from under the covers. I cannot stay up to midnight even to welcome the great stallion home from the wilderness.

Before I go to bed I cut a platter of cheese to bring to work for a birthday celebration. I know Steve loves cheese so I hide it way back in the bottom of the fridge.

Now this is the man who cannot find the mayo if it is behind a pickle. But when I take the tray out this morning ALL THE SHARP CHEDDAR IS GONE! Just to clarify, there is other cheese in the drawer. Just not cut into little squares.

How like a man. He comes home and eats the cheese. SHEESH.

(An old friend just reminded me of Steve telling the story about how our kids all thought cheese came with mold on it because when they were young we got moldy cheese from the grocery store for almost free... to keep alive. Those 'school days...' I laughed...maybe that is why Steve loves the cheese all nicely cut up and without mold!)


Anonymous said...

mare - so steve came home and ate the cheese....just be thankful he didn't climb into bed and cut the cheese!

amberly said...

i love this! i feel a little less crazy for having some of our most awkward marriage moments during that transition time of "hubby's home again." it's always "welcome back, but STOP doing that!"

オテモヤン said...
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