Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So... when the deer start moving in the back yard does that mean spring is just around the corner?

It has been the coldest wintery-est winter this year in my old Kentucky home. I have my Canadian blues. Trying to think of something brilliant to say.


I heard this on Monday. "Listening is spiritual hospitality." Henri Nouwen of course. David Benner, soul care guy, says that we usually listen with our ego - listening for what we think we know, or what is wrong, or categorizing what is said. This is ego strengthening and entrenches the false self. Such listening keeps us feeling safe, and small.

Listening with the spirit is open listening, being attentive to movements of the Spirit in our own longings and stirrings. What moves across my spirit needs to be attended to, since it is the whisper of God.

I know about this - listening to someone talk and a wistful wind tickles my spirit and creates longing.

Is this something you have experienced?

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amberly said...

yes. even the description of it makes the ache stir...