Thursday, February 4, 2010

generous living

This is my thinking 'the next day.' I am still weary and not on my feet, but I have these ponderings.

I want to live a generous life.
I want to be gentle in my life rhythms.
I do not like 'hitting the wall and sliding off."

I think that generosity does not mean giving too much away. The task is to somehow be generous even when we stop and take care of ourselves. Is it possible that generous living should include me?

These things I know:
1. I cannot do what I used to be able to do, energy wise.
2. I do not want to rescue the world, but I do want to be a life-giver where I am able.
3. There are signs when we are nearing the edges of our limits but generally I ignore them.
4. I cannot blame anyone else when my life goes over the edge. I have to own the choices of my own life.
5. God is not pushing me.
6. Sometimes we must schedule a massage.


Krissi said...

I wish my budget longed for a massage as much as I do. *sigh*

Rhonda Merkley Maccarone said...

Over the years your mother was around me I got to spend very precious time with her. I guess at the time I didn't realize just how precious each minute would be. Tea time was very special for me.... fancy china, me dumping all my woes, and her giving me very loving and solid advise. I loved that about her and I miss those times so very much. You remind me so much of her sometimes; even though you were very different in different ways. Someday, just incase you forget, I'm going to share with you just how much she loved you. As I learn more about you the pieces begin to fall into place .......the jealousy subsides and I'm growing to love you very much too. I'v enjoyed getting to know you through your blog. As people we often make the wrong decisions but as mothers we make the best decisions we know how to make at the time, for our children. One things for sure, there is no greater earthly love than a mothers love. No one will ever love you like your mother did. That Marilyn is especially true of you.
Love, your very adopted sister

Anonymous said...
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Angela said...

I like #6 the best.

Anonymous said...
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