Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2 days

2 days til the olympics start in Vancouver.
2 days til the weekend.
2 days til the Valentine's movie comes out.
2 days til the blizzard is over.
2 days til Big Steve comes home.
2 days til Vincent comes for a visit.
2 days and it will be two more days closer to spring.
2 days and my very beautiful friend with a great sexy haircut has her birthday!


Krissi said...

I am so sad today and just want to stay in my room and not leave. Perhaps it was appropriate timing that we couldn't do lunch today. I hope, despite your sick day, that these next two days have good surprises for you.

Mrs Moose said...

Starting tomorrow it will be 2 days until my birthday. Does that count? ;)

Signed Seriously Snowed In.