Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a quiet night after a day of nothing

I took today as a personal/sick day. Personally, I was sick. I woke at four am with a bad headache and it was still torturing me at 7. The weather is gruesome with blizzard and wind and I just thought, I need to hide today. I almost never do this, even though I teach it. Self care. Being your own knight in shining armor. But what does a person do in the middle of the week, alone at home?

Well, first I sat on the couch with a cup of coffee and solved a couple Sudoku puzzles because I believe it helps my memory. hah! The coffee was lovely - thick and bitter just like I like it. I put on music - a crazy cd that Steve hates and put it on repeat. Ben called from Indonesia to say his books came and I had time to talk about little things. By then it was ten o'clock.

Do you ever feel like you are over exposed? Like you have been out in the fray too long? I felt so like that this morning. The day alone was healing. I didn't use any social media and I read. I ate some blueberries. I rested. I scratched Walter's belly. I schlumped around.

By 1 my headache was better. I mailed a little envelope of Valentine's to my kids in NC. I arranged some flowers on my dining room table on the runner I bought at the Peddler's Mall. I ate the last of the organic Swiss Chard.

I put three loads of wash through and dried them all. I put a skin mask on my face and let it crust and wiped it off. Heard very good news from Vincent and talked briefly with Steve. Found out my brother will be here next week.

That was it, mostly. I ended the evening reading Spirit Creator and writing in my journal. I feel blessed. Covered. Sane. Set my clock for 6:30. Tomorrow will be fine.

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Krissi said...

I better be part of tomorrow, since you canceled our date today.