Monday, February 8, 2010

chronicles of being alone

Photo of train moving through Wilmore by Krissi. Captures how I feel this winter.

My man is in California. With another man. It's all okay. Just feeling a missing kind of feeling and can't find my phone so I can't really call him. Actually I can't call him at all. Such is the life of a woman in menopause. (I am doing Sudoku every night with hopes of building new mental synapsis.) I hope he reads this. I mailed the bills today and went to Jazzercise because it is good for me. I ate some of the organic swiss chard and loved it. Rounded it off with perogies. Probably not a balanced meal.

I have the fire going and it is supposed to snow 2 inches tonight and two more tomorrow. Usually it doesn't. They just say that to see if the women shopping in Kroger will have a cat fight over the last quart of 2% milk. (I myself have witnessed such an act.) You have to understand that Kentuckians are afraid of snow. When the weather is predicted the shelves in the grocery store are wiped out. People buy turkeys for heavens sake. I wonder if they consider that the electricity might be out. Of course, a smoked turkey is good eating. Anyway, no one starves in a snow storm in KY.

One other detail. The old clothing store by the Kroger is now a fabulous Peddlers Market. I walked through it tonight and loved every minute. Full of treasures and trinkets and just what we need here to spiff up our town of Nicholasville. I bought a red scarf and put it on our dining table to signify Valentine's day. Now I just need some tulips to finish the look.

Very very dismal here this winter. Not sure why it seems so hard for me. I suppose every winter is an opportunity to be blue, but this one is turning my inside into ice blue.

Tomorrow I am preaching in opening chapel. If I am lucky the storm will come in and school will be closed. Chapel cancelled. We can all have our fantasies, can't we?


Krissi said...

That is not my fantasy. Though that is my picture:) And have you ever considered that you have seasonal depression? It is very common in Oregon and I know lots of people who suffer from it. Could be the problem. I love this post.

rachel said...

so THATS where my perogies went! you stole them!

rachel said...

ooo! i was so sad the old peddlers market died! now i want to come to KY!

Marilyn said...

I found a perogy supplier Rae. So now whether we are in NC or here we will have a supply! Here's to Ukranian hips!