Tuesday, October 27, 2009

fast and blue

I pull into my drive and am accosted by a 9 year old. "Mimi!" she shrieks. She is very loud. "Mimi! Can you guess what I'm going to be for Hallowe'en?"

I guess. A princess? "No! Guess again."

A witch? "No! Guess again!"

A dog? Clearly this is going to be a long conversation.

Give me a clue. "Okay, it is blue."

I know! A smurf!

Complete confusion covers her face. "What's a smurf?" Note picture on left.

Well give me another clue. "It's blue. And it's fast. Mimi! You KNOW what it is!" But sadly I do not know. Superman? Is he blue? He is fast.

But of course I can't land on the right character. Finally she looks at me in disgust. "Blue. Fast. Haven't you ever heard of Sonic Hedgehog?"

Shaking her head in disbelief she walks away.

Come by for candy! I call to her, bleakly...standing there in the distant past, in smurf-land.


Krissi said...

I remember learning one Sunday that my Pastor wouldn't let his kids watch the Smurfs. I thought that was stupid. Perhaps it is time to bring them back.

Anonymous said...

i do believe that the smurf is the great-great grandfather to sonic.

Krissi said...

Why do you all put an apostrophe in Halloween?

rachel said...


Karen said...

I know a 12 year-old girl who is going out as a smurf - clearly the kids in Kentucky are behind!!

Oh, and "we all" put an apostrophe in Hallowe'en because it is a short form of "All Hallows Evening" - the original name of Hallowe'en. It used to be one of the biggest days in the Catholic calendar when all the hallowed saints were honoured.

Vincent said...

For Hallowe'en, I'm going as John Dillinger. If I could afford a Smurf suit, I'd switch.