Sunday, November 1, 2009

how life gets out of control

The Dinner Party
written by Krissi Carson

“I’m having twenty-two people for dinner tonight,”
spoke you to me, distressed with a smile reminiscent
of the gaze of a rabid dog. “By accident.”
Only you.

And they came, and you cooked.
And they prattled as you provided.

Little boys wandered knee-deep in your creek,
hoping for Crawfish, and your Girls trod lightly in swim suits
and gossamer wings, while parents sat idly
in your living room, avoiding the sun and contagious
child-like spirit out back.

And they sat, and you served.
And they ate as you smiled.

Fire blazed in the cooling air after empty plates and full tables,
roasting marshmallows for dessert around stories, a dirge,
and your backyard fire pit. The adults ventured
out after all, for a moment.

And they mingled, and you laughed.
And they chatted as you scoured their dishes.

You disappeared and I found you in your room, locked
in with the cat and the only peace in the house,
where I dropped on the bed beside you and Walter, the girl,
all exhausted.

And they stayed too long, and you turned to me on your bed,
and I laughed as you muttered with tired eyes and no more strength,

“I hate all these people.”


Krissi said...

So you like it, eh? ;)

Amy said...

That about sums it up! Nicely done, Krissi. Thanks for sharing, Marilyn.

Anonymous said...

perhaps a laugh at yourself is what you are seeking...but
i am still thankful for your invite to let the little boys wander knee deep in your creek the week we were up to our noses in boxes, to savor good food and one another. -kirsten

Marilyn said...

I am just laughing at myself Kristen! That is what I think at the end of every long night with people when I am pooped! ... it is all about me and how I come to the end of myself! But I loved the night - I hope the poem says that too. When my little friend recalled that line to me I laughed and denied it! She said, "no! It was very late...and you were finished, and you SAID that!" So in fairness to this silly record of my life I thought I would post it.

Steve's joke is that I used to pray that no one would show up when we did a membership night - I would hope they all had flat tires or something! But then I enjoy it.

I can't help but think all women feel these things sometimes. It doesn't stop us from doing it again - and in our memories we collect a whole load of great treasures. That night was one of them!