Friday, October 9, 2009

Day Nine - two more sleeps

Reg and Jo Johnson came to join us for the end of this retreat and it was great to sit and listen to Reg this morning. He is a freedom maker, a gentle grace giver if ever there was one. Jo is great too - her real name is Diane ... wonder how that happened?

Ended up with a migraine yesterday - maybe it was the hours in the sun the day before - under the umbrella and well sun screened, but it was pretty bright. Today I have to dig deep to find energy - kind of on the other end of the migraine but gratefully going in the right direction.

Only two more sleeps til I am home - I have realized that although there are some glorious places on this earth, the place I most love to be is in my own home, putzing through life with Steve. And Walter the girl. I hope Steve is rubbing her belly every day. If not she will be in bad humor for about two weeks.


Anonymous said...

so steve is rubbing walter's, the girl, belly while you are away....oh, i could go places.

Diane V said...

I've read your posts and have enjoyed Florida in absentia with you. I like to hear you ramble - it's a comfort to hear someone think your thoughts and care to verbalize them so well. I hope you are getting some real rest - or will when you get back! I don't know enough about your everyday life yet. But if you need help in your garden when you get back, give me a call. It's always more fun with 2.