Tuesday, October 20, 2009

No takers, huh?

So... no takers on yesterday's blog. That's okay. Perhaps it is too hard an issue.

Last night big Steve and I came to see Afrizo, (means African Zone) a nine person singing group from the Daystar University in Nairobi. They were led by a woman of 'traditional build' (as McCall Smith would describe her in "Ladies Detective Agency)whose sound and personality filled the room.

At one time in the performance the group moved through the audience, singing over and around people who mostly curled into themselves (and admittedly, the group had little sense of 'personal space,' embarrassed and awkward. With one shining exception. A Korean family with three small children were there... and when the group (still singing loudly and with passion) paused there, the children reached out their hands, fascinated, and the Africans responded ... and a lovely cross cultural moment happened. The children, in simplicity, were able to receive the gift of song, like few of us adults had.


rachel said...

oh i love that. i would have been all up in their space right back! wish i could have been there!

Krissi said...

That was a great concert. Mmm.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday's blog was too personal and at the same time it was also too distant. You have spoken from your perspective. Some of us have a different perspective. It is just as painful but completely different.

Kerry Dorrell said...

the brokeness of others breaking us...that is something we REALLY don't like to talk about. Let's just keep everything on the surfacey comfortable level!