Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day seven - lost and found

I lost my wallet today. The one with cards in it. I found it. In a drawer with shirts ... I guess I stuffed it in there when I was emptying out my purse. Also lost my cash... but found it too. So I guess I haven't really lost anything. Don't know why I mention it.

Happy to say neither seeming loss made me frantic. I stayed calm. And I found my lost articles.

One of the men attending the retreat only wrote one 'rule' for his life: to be calm. The three sub-points were: to let other people live their own lives, to not push and try to change everything, to fight for calm and not control when things get bad. And he has had some big stuff go bad. Interestingly, he was a very happy guy.

This fits with Epiphany's (where I studied) adage to 'never push against the pace of grace.' Sometimes we push because we can't find the grace. And sometimes we see the grace and it isn't enough. And sometimes we are just so busy fixing our own stuff we don't even consider that grace might be at work somewhere in it all.

As beautiful as it is here, I haven't been very peaceful. Our work has been fruitful, but really, I have just been waiting til I could leave.

Today I spent the whole day (most of it) by the edge of the ocean. I put up my little umbrella and opened my chair and plunked down. Between sits I floated in the ocean... which was warm and clear and fish filled. And I read a whole book.

I also played a game. I would locate a massive school of fish and hang around in it, until a sea bird dived down and hit the water within feet of me, and I watched the whole thing from front row seats.

See, today I looked for grace.


Anonymous said...

you need to consider this time your time of solitude...

solitude is the garden for our hearts which yearn for love. it is the place where our aloneness can bear fruit. (henri nouwen)

Krissi said...

Babe. I'm so envious of your ocean time. I've never hung out in the ocean. Consequences of my coastline being the Northwest Pacific which is really COLD, not to mention dangerous.