Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day Six - muggy with food

First, let me report that by the pool today the women I had fun with yesterday would not let me go without answering their questions. The big one was ... who the heck are you? The woman who had used my lawn chair told me it was the nicest thing anyone had EVER done for her. It was beautiful and sad, really. She was adamant that I had done such a huge thing. Really it was so small.

The retreat ended tonight with a dinner on the beach ... pretty glorious really ... the sun set as we ate. I think I ate three lobster tails and a hunk of prime beef perfectly grilled over live coals (so it had a crunchy roasted outside and a hot pink middle - could cut it with a fork.) And a few huge shrimp with red sauce ... and maybe a large slice of cheese cake. I'm not sure. Sounds impossible. But that might have happened. There must have been a vegetable in there somewhere. I can't be sure - it was dark out.

Afterward I was feeling pretty hot - well, sweaty, actually, so I walked behind some tall grass and pulled my polyester slip off from under my beach dress (trying not to pull a Lady Diana) and put my feet in the surf for a few minutes. Warm and clear ... I felt like running out into the water.

All in all I remember why I do this thing ... the participants are so beautifully restored, have a plan to make small but significant changes in their lives, are inspired to step back into the fray. The retreats couldn't happen without someone hosting and leading - and that is my role. Ginny does all the administration.

It would be a perfect end to my day if there was a nice juicy murder on TV.


rachel said...

wish i were there...

Anonymous said...

you must stop it...i am craving seafood so badly now....looks like it fried popcorn shrimp out of the freezer (instead of the gulf)