Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day Three. Men should not wear speedos.

There is much to see on the beach. MUCH more than anyone could reasonably wish to see. Such is my experience today as I observe not one or two, but many older men in very flimsy bikini bottoms. I just have to say that to get it out of my mind.

I think if you ask most people here they would say they are having a good time on St Pete's beach. I'm sure more than a little money has been invested in them being here. But not many people look happy. Most don't look happy at all.

There are a few glorious exceptions of course. Occasionally I hear uproarious laughter coming from the pool or ocean side... and if I manage to sidle up and listen the common theme is a funny anecdote about embarrassment or awkwardness. I have to laugh into my book or towel as I take in the hilarity. I like those moments very much.

I find I am quite diminished by my Steve not being here. He isn't a really good vacationer... kind of a poop really. But I am quite used to his poop-y-ness and it suits me. The other kind of person I could use here right about now is a girlfriend (you know who you are!) with a sense of the absurd would would help me make quiet but deliberate fun of some of the oddities - like the old men in thin little potato sacks.


rachel said...

and you know i'd be drinking poorly mixed martini's right along with you, if i could... xo

Krissi said...

I am greatly disturbed by the imagery of "thin little potato sacks." And yet, I find these things are the reason I love you. Well, one reason of many.

Anonymous said...

Day 3. Men should not wear speedos.
Day 4. Neither should some women.
:) Kirsten

Anonymous said...

ask me sometime about the European middle-aged man that was in a speedo and decided to wash his potatoes in the pool-side shower.