Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day Four

Weirdest moment. I am sitting on my little beach chair, and a young handsome man, kind of a young Desi Arnez, struts out of the surf carrying a very small baby - maybe a couple months old. I think, Oh, a dad. Sweet.

So as he walks right past me, close enough that the baby is dripping on me, I smile my grandmotherly smile and say, "Does she like the water?"

I think he misheard me.

His face lights up. In slightly broken English he rapsodizes, "Oh eet was so wonderful! I tuk my bathing suit off and swim without anything between me and zee water - eet was the first time I've done that and Oh! was SO wonderful! The water was feeling so good!"

Meanwhile the baby is hanging over his arm like a sack of wet towels.

"Oh yes! Being in zee water without anything was so egg-citing! Have you tried it yes?"

And he smiles the biggest possible smile.

And I smile a stupid kind of smile and say, "Oh good!" And "Ah, good!" And "Sure!"

So that was it. The weirdest part of my day.


betty said...

I just finished reading your vacation entries. As I sit at my desk tomorrow I will feel the sand and hear the surf. I am going to enjoy your vacation.

Krissi said...

A Frenchman, eh? Hmm.

Angela said...

I think that right there makes the trip worthwhile!

Mrs Moose said...

It was BS, wasn't it? He paid you a surprise visit ...