Thursday, July 17, 2008

the year of magical thinking

On August 19 we will add twins to our family. I dreamed about the birth last night. I still feel the emotion of that dream. I feel like something huge has happened but I don't remember what it is. Like I have great news to tell everyone but it escapes me for the moment.

Next week we will bring our oldest granddaughters to live with us for a month while their mom rests and survives the last weeks of pregnancy. I told Megan (8) yesterday that we need some NutMeg-germs in our house. No doubt I will have more to write about while they live with us. Like the joys of arranging child care, the fun of watching little girls chase fireflys, girl beetle battles over privileges etc. Can't wait.

JV has a new flame. She is Gaelic, fair, freckled, and feisty. It is not good for a Vincent to be alone I have discovered.

Ben is planning a monumental move across the globe to take a teaching post. Not sure how I feel about that, not that it has much to do with me. Just feeling the distance.

And Steve is still making me coffee in the morning. I'm grateful some things remain the same.

Does everyone have this much fun?

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Anonymous said...

Man, are those cute kids or what? Their mother must be stunning!