Friday, July 25, 2008

things I've experienced since i left work last night

1. My girl cat, Walter, has the softest belly fur in the world. There can be no more luxurious feeling than her downy rug.

2. The bed I lay down on is a gramma bed for sure. I have to kind of climb up into it, because it has this six inch soft/firm layer above the usual mattress. When the window is open and a soft breeze blowing in on my face, a bird or two singing nearby, and the weight of quilts on top of me - now that is a good feeling for my old bones.

3. Black coffee - even from McDonalds - you gotta love that bitter oil pouring down the throat ... and the smell that reminds me of the waiting room at the Toyota garage waiting room.

4. Girl skin. Soft and brown and wrapped around my neck. Attached to girl mouths that talk and talk and talk all those girl stories. And girl giggles that ride up and down the musical scale hitting every note perfectly.

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