Tuesday, July 29, 2008

random consciousness

Let me introduce my son Ben,and his family: Kari (marathon runner), Flora (tiny pontiff on the left) and Blaise (gentleman on the right.) This I presume is taken in the mountains of Alberta. Ben and Kari are great parents.

Family is pretty much everything. Not EVERYTHING, but everything.

Some other things are, like, food. Pizza and lemon pie with fluffy meringue, but not pizza and pie together. Those are something too. And left over Chinese if you weren't the one who ordered it and ate it yesterday. That can be something. Not everything. Just something.

And a good book. I just read the kind of book that makes you feel like you lost a good friend when it is finished. I tried to save the last five pages so it wouldn't be finished, but it seduced me. I got seduced into reading the last five pages of a book and then I felt like I'd lost a good friend.

Which is how seduction often works, don't you think? You get seduced and it is irresistible and then afterward, you feel lonely.

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