Sunday, July 13, 2008


I love Fridays. Not the restaurant. The day. The day I only work til noon. The day no one knows where I am in the afternoon. The day I know I will go to bed and an alarm will not wake me up. The day I set the load down and become a chef or a dancer or a movie critic for the evening hours.

Steve walked into the house yesterday and said to me, "Last Friday I lost an election. This Friday I lost my best friend in Kentucky. Next Friday I am going to stay in bed all day." We laughed. I knew he would be okay because he was being silly with me. But he had a point. It had been, so far, a pretty bad, not really very fabulous, down right sad at times, July.

Let me list, though, the things that showed up in the light of two pretty grim Fridays. We saw how loyal and supportive our kids are. I saw again how kind and tender Steve's heart is. We have been saying, "I love you" a lot more to each other. Steve lost a little weight - of course, I did not, being a person who puts weight on during stressful times. ;-) We realized how much we love being right here in KY.

So it is Sunday now and I have a full week til I can TGIF. But I will. Even if Steve stays in bed all day.

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