Wednesday, July 2, 2008

2:00 in the morning

Well, I am sitting in the Detroit airport in stormy weather. It is about 8 hours since our flight was to leave. The promise is now that it will leave at 3:05 a.m. But the problem is that the Ottawa airport won't open it's Customs and Immigration office at this time of night. So "they" will probably make us wait til 4 and then we can go through customs at 6 when it opens. I am feeling sorry for myself.

So I thought I would tell you what I've seen this week on my small journeys. I walk in Mingo park - 5000 steps a day - on Saturday a group of older white men were working with all kind sof communication equipment in the park - turns out they are an 'amateur wireless' enthusiasts who were setting up two ham radio towers to practice in case of a crisis ... which they wouldn't quite define for me ...but said in such a case they could provide their own protection and communicate with anyone anywhere in the world. Can anyone spell M I L I T I A?

Just heard our flight is cancelled. Losing my victory here.

Okay (while Steve negotiates a flight for tomorrow) ... I have seen a full military funeral which is quite honoring and impressive. And I found a genuine goose egg which I brought home and Steve thought was wooden (we did once have wooden eggs) so he put it through the dishwasher and the result of that is a very clean goose egg. Apparently quite a thick shell. I saw a young man playing basketball (again in Mingo Park) and even though clutching at his pants which are ten or twelve sizes too big, they slide off his butt taking the shorts with them... making for an unplanned mooning which hasn't happened to me since I was first dating Steve and a car full of guys mooned us while we were kissing in the park. Nothing I haven't seen before.

Sitting here at the airport I saw two of the most interesting old women. They were using a magnifying glass to examine the weaving of a lovely Indian shawl one was wearing. They were determining if there were any threads of unidentified color. The examination started when they realized their flight was going to be late - and one said to the other, "we might as well have fun!" Turns out they are both master weavers and just returning to the upper peninsula of Michigan ... thin, long hair, laughing eyes, artistic ... very interesting and not at all worried about what any one thougth of them.

You can see how my week has been. Currently a lot of droopy eyes and saggy boobs here at the airport. Maybe all the women have been to the Women's Room to take of their bras. It is the only way to deal with a night like this.

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