Thursday, July 3, 2008

still at the airport

So I am in hour 21 at the Detroit aiport. Of course, that is not quite true. We were able to get a transport to a questionable hotel at 2:00 this morning. Most hotels were full, so we were delighted to hear the Howard Johnson had rooms. We traveled with grumpy companions. One couple, not much older than us but obviously self important came on with loud complaints that were, frankly valid. Then two oriental guys (not English speaking) came onto the van and in the process the back pack of one bumped the important man's glasses... and quite a tense moment ensued while the important man said, first, "Well excuse you!" and then loudly rebuked the meek oriental guy and then the important man's wife began ... their outburst silenced the previous comraderie in the van and we travelled through the rain to the HoJo's.

We were given the first room and Steve came to me where I sat and said, "We are in building four." Which said, meant that we had to go outside in the pounding rain and walk three long buildings back to a smelly bedroom. One could only hope the important man and his wife also had to walk to building four.

I crawled miserably into bed, unwashed and unclad, and first thing I put my big toe through the sheet beneath me. I told Steve I would be okay as long as I didn't find a condom between the sheets. It was not a good sleep - I kept trying to avoid the smells, but it was horizontal.

This morning I got up with a good 'cow lick' on the right hand side of my head and a four inch comb, compliments of the hotel, to fix it. We broke our fast on two boxes of Raisin Bran - the food of the complimenary breakfast, and headed back. To find that our flight was delayed. I think now that we might actually be starting to board.

Meanwhile, we, the great 'unwashed', still make our way toward Ottawa. Churchill (that would be Winston) once said, "If you find yourself in hell, keep going." We can't go back and will keep going forward. Solviture Ambulando.

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I just read an article called "How to pass time at an airport." I immediately thought of opposed to "How to pass gas at an airport" to which I would immediately think of my son. Anyhow, they gave 13 helpful tips to killing was to help others. I pictured you trying to help get the best room for the self-important couple.