Monday, June 9, 2008


All is calm on the home front - and I see from the kitchen window my friend Cheryl and her girl Sarah coming up the walk carrying McDonald's cokes. Smiling to myself I leave the sink and open the door, stepping onto the porch and into the still hot but cooling evening air.

We sit for a half hour, and enjoy stories and banter. They leave with waves.

I return to the kitchen to realize I LEFT THE TAP ON. So ... a micro disaster of my own making which drove me into:
  • throwing all the clean towels in the house onto wet soggy floors
  • pulling out the fridge and stove - finding a mess, cleaning old fuzz and new water
  • removing dishes from shelves and mopping up water
  • finding the right screwdriver to remove the round twirly shelf that had water under it
  • mopping, wiping, hauling, pushing, sopping, sweating, grunting, sopping, pushing
You get the picture.

My day was still better than Big Brown's. You gotta find the bright side of life.

1 comment:

rachel said...

good job with the optimism, mom! hold fast! :) i am going slow and steady to kill my mess today, too... xoxoox