Tuesday, June 17, 2008

going bananas

When my dad came to the end of a restaurant meal, it was not unheard of for him to ask for the menu so he could check that the prices he was charged were correct. We used to mutter under our breath, and remind each other that he had lived through 'the great depression' and thus, his penny pinching was understandable.

Today I saw three rotting bananas on the counter and felt compelled to make use of them before all those black spots finally came together and made one big stinking fly infested dead banana. It was waste I could not countenance.

Then there were the two bananas left, ones that were actually a little too green. But in my fit of banana-mamma kitchen prowess I made a banana cream pie - complete with whip cream and little chocolate chip hunks on top.

In a remarkable coincidence, I also learned today, that a mashed banana is the best lure to attract a skunk into a live trap. The banana will not attract and may repel the neighbors cat, and keep the target animal, well, the target. This I learned watching Corwin's World with my granddaughters.

So you see, it was a day of banana-ish enterprise. Quite a nice way to spend the second day of vacation. No one gets ulcers from bananas. A little personal growth in the matter of setting skunk traps - never know when that will be needed. And right now I think I will go and cut a large slice of that pie. No one ever got fat from a banana, right?

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Anonymous said...

I love this post! Jeremiah may be needing for you to make that pie again. It's one of his faves! Have fun monkeying around on vacation!

Lindsay Aja