Thursday, June 5, 2008

the real issue between Hillary and Obama

Okay friends. I have been alert - heard it all. Hillary is a victim of women's issues - yah, I think that is probably true. Obama had to overcome racial issues - hmmm yes, little doubt. But no one has touched on the real inequity - the damning foul division of men and women on the political trail.
Put a lovely strong woman into a blue pantsuit ... thankfully crafted in stretchy material ... and crush her under unbending stress. Over the months the material has more and more demanded of it ... as her body spreads to embrace and hold all that stress.
Similarly take a middle aged man and dress him in suit pants and a white shirt, sleeves rolled up ... placed under a steamroller of relentless stress - and what happens? He gets lean and lanky. Hollow even.
This my friends is the crux of the issue. Say no more. Life does not happen on a level playing field.

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