Friday, June 27, 2008

complaints from nature

This is a lament. I have three bites since coming home from Niagara Falls. And none of them is a love bite - I know, 'eeee-ew!'

I have spider bite on my rib cage - and it is vexing me terribly.
I have a mosquito bite under my right arm. Honestly, it is driving me crazy.
And I have another rather large mosquito bite on my left buttock. No - I did NOT say a mosquito bite on my rather large left buttock! (Be thankful I attached a picture of a mosquito and NOT a buttock...)
I must be a tasty treat to have garnered such attention from the bug world.

The bottom line - I am cranky! And itchy. And vexed. And peeved. All I can do is continue to spray them with Windex - which works despite all your rolling eyeballs.

And you - stop smiling!

1 comment:

comfortandjoy said...

I don't understand how the Windex could be working if you're still itchy.

However, the image of you with a bottle of Windex, chasing your tail, trying to reach a mosquito bite is funny.

So, by all means, continue.