Monday, June 9, 2008

just have to blog this

Some things are too good to just leave alone. A woman (admittedly younger than me) just came in my office - she was a widow and recently married. When the shadows of life were darker I spent some time with her ... and we re-connected today. Clearly she is happy. Radiant even. Beautiful, tanned, slim, fit, in love and above all, full of the joy of life.

So remarkable is her transformation I couldn't help but burst out, "You look fabulous!" She blushed, looked at me (obviously casting about for something to return) and said, "And you look like you!!!"

Okay - I am still laughing inside. That is how it is friends. No holiday yet - tired, Monday, a level 4 headache, and I look like me. Could be worse. But you KNOW it could be better!


Jeremiah said...

my face was confused - do i laugh or do i wince?

sorry about the headache though friend.

rachel said...

ha! all you need is a week with me and then kyra's fountain of youth... we'll hook you right up!