Wednesday, April 23, 2008

a load of shit

It is my birthday and hoorah!!, I have been given a load of shit from my husband, Steve. It is lovely to come home and see it simmering on the driveway, ready to be shoveled into various garden plots. Along with the shit I have the full cooperation of my man, who will spend the next few nights with me out in the yard. What more could a girl ask for?

This may appear to be a somewhat overly practical gift for a woman to
receive, but to me it is a hundred flowers, scads of butterflies, ivys and
honeysuckles climbing the fence, etc etc.

Life has a lot of shit in it. But sometimes shit is a good thing.


Jeremiah said...

AWESOME...I didnt know that a shitty birthday present could be so hilarious!

ertb said...

you know where I wish I could have been, when that load was delivered . . . right there with you!
I sent you a birthday card today.
love, ertb