Wednesday, May 7, 2008

on belly dancing

So, I turned 52 this past week. Very much okay with that.
But also feeling a little old ... not the kind of old that means frail, just tired and a bit defeated about being a physical person.
One gift of being the birthday girl is hearing from friends ... and a friend I knew in Calgary wrote me. Her name is Marion. She is now 81. Her husband is 80. She married her husband when she was 69. We were there at her wedding. She wrote me this ...

Then I felt so young at heart, but I never knew that my job description would change so fast, I now have become pill dispenser (but I don't mind) because the rewards - I get to cuddle my patient every night ( in bed naked). My days, when I am not Nurse Nancy are very busy, I swim three times a week, and once a week I go BELLY DANCING. I have so much fun at those classes. I practice the hip while ushering people in church, and I practice the arm movements, while showing the people to their pews. The best part is the laughing when I tell people that I take Belly Dancing classes, their eyes seem to get brighter and they just laugh and laugh.

Okay. I now dub Marion my guru of getting older. I see the possibilities through her. I will stop complaining about feeling old. And get into some belly dancing lessons. It really IS all in the mind. Maybe I will be svelt and willowy yet!
Hmmm.... wonder who offers belly dancing lessons in Kentucky?

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keith said...

!!! Wow, what a post.

Almost unbelievable. I tried to picture in my mind what a belly-dancing 80 year old would look like but had no luck even coming close to a realistic image.