Wednesday, April 23, 2008

a few good men

I seem to want to talk about women and men. All my life it has been that - women and men, a great divide. What men do to women what women do to men. How sex is power of a sort, especially to those who have no other power. How men and women have the ability to give the greatest gifts to each other, and how men and women so often destroy each other - (I know it is not only men and women, it is men and men and women and women too.)

But my man did something brave this week. He stood up to his peers, to those who really do have power over some of his life. He spoke the truth about women and religious hierarchy and the loss of soul because of spiritual abuse. He didn't say too much. Just enough to make the room quiet.

And maybe he lost a chance. But he got another chance. A chance with me. Well done my lovely man.


rachel said...

you go, big steve!

jason said...

Steve is a man's man. When is he going to write a book? Too much knowledge / leadership / quality / experience in that head to just stay there.