Thursday, April 10, 2008

rats and man

Listening to NPR I heard this quote from the Kinsey sex book (you know the one): When cheese crumbles were sprinkled in front of copulating rats, the female rat was able to be distracted but the male rat was not.

So what would be news about that I wonder to myself. Hmmmm. My birthday is coming up. Great sex? or Great dinner out? mmmmmm
I remember the Christmas I was teaching in Calgary and I was so weary. I told Steve he had a choice. He could have a beautiful clean house with decorations and a few really nice Christmas moments, or a fairly healthy bit of sex. That was the Christmas we didn't put decorations on the tree.


Anonymous said...

Hey what a great idea for a diet plan!!

Jeremiah said...

Lindsay and I just read this while we were lying in bed listening to music...thanks for ruining the moment because a grilled cheese now sounds good to her.

Corrie said...

Okay, I am procrastinating writing 2 25-page papers that I am sure will turn out to be brilliant. I still have a few weeks to go, and that is why I am procrastinating. Somehow I found your blog, an I am so glad you are writing! I love to hear your little bits of wisdom and I need them (and you) in my life.

Krissi said...

Ha, ha! That's hilarious!