Saturday, April 30, 2011


Family is big. Family can take over a city. It is inescapable even if we try to be something else. When William was at the altar he leaned over to his father in law and said, "just a small family affair."

I have been watching family things this week. It was pretty much a ton of fun. Did you see me in TV? The sense of celebration was everywhere... I saw most of what I saw I saw on TV like you, but I felt a lot that you couldn't feel on TV.

Kate managed to keep some of the pomp out of it... And her dress and just one attendant and such a simple procession was fabulous. I hope it becomes a model for our western weddings.

But in the end I went back to my hotel with the most agreeable person who is my family. In the end it is our own people that matter most.

So we quit London this morning and are a bit worse for wear after finding our way out of town...

What we experienced:
Nottingham Hill market where we bought a Victorian candle snuff from two fat gay men who made us laugh.. Mitchell and Simon; tower of London; Thames boat tour; Baker Street; Les Mis and the theatre district; Regents Park which is like palace gardens owned by Elizabeth R; saw the changing of the guards; Lord's Cricket grounds and a boring game of cricket; consumed many pieces of fish and hundreds of chips; went passed the Zoo; not to mention Westminster chapel, the Tower of Big Ben and the rosy red cheeks of the little children.

We were yelled at by not one but two bus drivers, called wankers and other lovely English terms by various people, met great fun people who were not so angry and walked for miles. Hardly bought a thing and did not go to Harrods.

So now we are heading to Sheffield with our $100.00 tank of gas ...looking for Elliott bones. Family.


Krissi said...

I didn't see you in the crowd, but I looked for you. :)

rachel said...

i mailed off my membership fee to teh elliott clan society this week.... :)

rachel said...

mom - you should read my blog. it has a story about the move that you will appreciate! :) xo

Lloyd & Sharon said...

Enjoy looking for Elliott bones and roots! One of our best trips was a family history jaunt around Sweden with all five of us, seeing where we "come from." We gained a new appreciation of where our family came from and why, where we are now, especially spiritually, and the differences along the way.