Thursday, April 28, 2011


We have pretty much figured the London transit system. Last night though our trip took a bit longer than we'd hoped. It was starting to get cold as the sun went down. We had walked more than 16,000 steps in our day and were glad to catch the 24 that seemed to be going in the right direction. Our journey had taken us around Picadilly Circus around the Oxford Circus shopping district and across the Strand. We passed a stet preacher with bright wild eyes and got on the 24 to Camden Town. We got off the bus and couldn't find our connection so we stopped in the Camden Eye for fish n chips. Then we walked north toward Camden Market ...through an increasingly rough looking area. I told Steve to flex his muscles...he told me to put the map away -like we could hide the fact that we were tourists.

Deciding the road was not right we crossed the road and took 31 going back the way we came. It was dark now. The 31 turned the wrong direction and so we got off. We walked 5 or 6 blocks west, then around a corner and 5 or 6 blocks east and then stopped to talk to an ancient bearded Arab looking man across from a backpacking hostel.

He sent us back to the 31 and we started going south. When the 31 turned east again we got off at the next stop and decided to walk to the nearest tube (underground.) I asked Steve what he remembered about the wisdom of taking the tube after dark. He said it couldn't t be advisable.

Bit it wasn't too scary and we took the tube west and got to St John' s Wood. We came back up to street level and walked the wrong way down Wellington. We turned around and walked back the other way. A bus passed and we jumped on... And a few stops later stepped off in front of the hotel.

Purgation. Illumination. Union.


Krissi said...

I gave up on the bus system when I was there. The Underground is easy, but the above ground transit is not tourist friendly, for sure.

Anonymous said...

And so....... how was the wedding?? Did Kate wave at you???
Dear me, we expect another post on Sat. to update...hahahaha

Anna said...

Oh Mare,

I am laughing out loud , especially at Steve's responses to your questions. How are the bearded Arab men different than the ones here in U.S.? I am so lovin the fact that you get as lost as Don and I......

Much love,


amberly said...

"mind the gap...