Sunday, May 1, 2011

One place one time

no matter how far you go you are still in one place. This morning I began the day sitting on a bench in the sun beside the Thames, just outside of Reading. Our entertainment consisted of a few new waterbirds and swans, and we watched some scullers in boats rowing down the river preparing for a race scheduled for later today.

I commented how if I lived here I would want to learn to row, and pointed out some more senior types having a big time.

Steve made the observation that I always love to see new ways of living and in my imagination I "slide myself into that life." true. The upside is that I could make a life everywhere. The downside is that I hate being limited to being one person.

We are staying tonight in a very old stone home near Sheffield. It is glorious here on the edge of Peak County..a field of sheep out my window and a fish pond decorated by the presence of three beautiful chickens pecking around the edge. How does one find such a life? I conclude it depends to some extent where you begin - from where my life began one cannot get to this destination. I am right. I cannot be me and this lovely country woman both.

Learning to be who we are is a bigger task than we know.

These two thoughts have become one thought in my mind. There are more ways to live on this interesting earth than any one life can envision. We can run and run to find what we might not have. But the one treasure is the one we take with us everywhere... But still must choose it. This is the choice to come to deep peace with who we are, uniquely and personally. Then it is not so important where we are.

And this will take a whole life time

These two thoughts move along the same trajectory in my mind. There are more enticing options in this world than can even be known. But the one essential choice is the choice to live ones own interior life every step of the walk.


Krissi said...

I don't like being limited to being just one person either. I'm going to pretend I'm you for the next two weeks. ;)

John David Walt said...

Happy Birthday Marilyn!! There is none like you. We are all better for knowing you.


Anonymous said...

I really like this post. Today I find myself overwhelmed with all the people I could be and the pitfall of turning my back on those possibilities for security's sake.

Krissi said...

Woman, I just want you to know that I was browsing through my photos and found a picture of you smiling in the garden. I smiled and then I laughed because I thought, "I bet something devious is going on behind that smile."

Lee Ann said...

One of my favorite sayings is "No matter where you go, there you are!"

Linda said...

Oh, perhaps I'm missing the point, but, that sounds so peaceful that I think I'll get a little sail boat for my bird bath.