Wednesday, January 6, 2010

wisdom about women's seasons

For everything there is a season:

A time to dance and a time to put your feet up (especially if a 'rubbin' is possible)
A time to get a job and a time to stay home and stretch the budget (done a lot of this)
A time to make dinner and a time to order in (when better than today?)
A time to join WW and a time to eat cake (especially if it is chocolate)
A time to keep a friend no matter what and a time to move on (matters of sanity here)
A time to hold your children tight and a time to nudge them to go (arms get tired)
A time to color your hair and a time to let it go gray (don't know when this is)
A time to serve and a time to let someone serve you (this is harder than it sounds)
A time to make your husband talk and a time to find a girlfriend (sushi helps too)
A time to wear curlers to bed and time to just wear lipstick (and flannel)
A time for music and a time for silence
A time to shop the sales and a time to, well, this is always appropriate
A time for puberty and a time for menopause (you'll know when it is time)


Karen said...

I think even Solomon would agree with your blog - especially about shopping sales!

rachel said...


Krissi said...

I have so much to live for.

The Majchers said...

wasn't puberty enough, why menopause too - had my first hot flash yesterday, any way to skip this part?