Monday, January 4, 2010

royal longevity - can you name all these presidents?

Pretty amazing woman, for a queen. As a Canadian Elizabeth is 'my' queen, and I think she is a strong model for womanhood. Within the many constraints of her life she has found a way to consistently remain elegant and strong. Undeniably change has come slowly in her life, but one must concede that her role is steeped in change-lessness. To change at all is pretty amazing.


Karen said...

As a Canadian I'm a little conflicted about the role of the monarchy, yet I'm unashamedly a fan of Elizabeth. She is a strong woman and I like her a lot.

Krissi said...

As an American, I don't really care about the monarchy and tend to see it as this fascinating, mysterious fantasy world that is hard to comprehend as actual reality. But I do have to say, she's looking old! Haven't seen a picture of her in quite awhile, apparently. I have the movie "The Queen" from Netflix at the moment. This makes me want to watch it now. Perhaps I will.