Thursday, January 14, 2010

Response to Bad Theology

This morning I heard that Pat Robertson has made public a view stating that Haiti has been cursed because of an historic pact made with the devil.

Statements like this seem to be representative of Christian theology, coming from a 'high profile Christian leader' of sorts. Or at least this is the impression outsiders have. Can I say though, that these ideas are not representative of me or those in my faith community. To us these ideas are heartbreakingly offensive.

The idea of a vengeful, capricious and destructive God is repulsive to secular persons, but truly, it does not represent a Biblical revelation of a self-giving and loving God.

A river of healing flows from God, creator of heaven and earth. Christian theology discusses a cursed earth, but never a cursed people. No people or people group are singled out for separation from the pursuit of God. For me, personally, this is good news.

Any honest Christian will tell you that the horror and randomness of what are called 'acts of God' - acts of nature if you will - are a point of deep struggle. To make a sweeping judgment is the easiest and least thoughtful way to make peace with the seeming dichotomy.

Reconciling a good and powerful God, who is not only 'watching us' but engaged with us, to the pain current in Haiti - well, it silences the heart. It shuts the mouth. Like every other compassionate human we turn our hearts and hands toward bringing help and relief, our eyes filled with tears.

We will not be dissuaded from our prayers for those who are suffering today in Haiti. Our hearts and hands and pocket books are at the disposal of love.

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Karen said...

I could not agree with you more. I read Pat Robertson's statements today in the Calgary Herald and cringed. I shuddered because yet again Christians are made to appear to the world as small-minded, mean and holier-than-thou. I wish the Herald would take a picture of the Chritians who are weeping in solidarity with fellow humans in pain.