Tuesday, August 5, 2008

a rant

Can I just say (and I warn you, I am in a pretty foul mood) that I am sick and tired of all the spiritualizing and dishonesty about life that seems to be so rampant in communities of religious or faux-religious types. While I am very much a believer in the transcendent, and the possibility of life having elements of transcendence at any given moment, I am weary to the bone of people who use some kind of non-human spirituality to keep from accepting responsibility for their choices, and avoiding having to be honest about life, the life they themselves are building. Hiding behind spirituality is an odious offence.

Life is fabulous. Even on a very bad no good quite crappy day. There is always something new and interesting, including people (met a really fine woman from Kenya this am ... think we could be friends), and as well, there are plenty of problems, most of which we create for ourselves. But there is no need to stick a piety and prayer sticker on every errant heartbeat and every mis-step to get ourselves off the hook.

Own your own life (as I've told my kids a thousand times). If you make a choice, make it boldly and live with it. When you say something say the truth. If you choose not to go into someone's insanity, don't apologize. Just be your own idiot. Things work out so much better that way.

And when a day is really quite awful and you feel like you have sand in your veins and a melon for a brain, just be there. If you are lucky you might get to play volleyball in the sand and eat the melon afterward.

Which makes me think of Bunson Honeydew, the melon head from the muppets. Which is a good place to end. Talk to you tomorrow.


jason said...


Hippie-Goth Mom said...

It is really sad how true this is. I believe in Jesus but at times I don't like associating myself with the christian community because of the dishonesty I see. Many people are not real with themselves and do use their faith to hide behind so the world won't see who they truly are. Excellent Blog!

Liam (and his mom) said...

I'd like to print this out, and send it to a couple of people who are really chapping my hide right now.

Nicely said, Marilyn!


MarkieCMarkieDo said...

Nicely put. Couldn't have said it better myself.

Krissi said...

Good God! I have spent many hours today reading your blog and writing on mine. I'm supposed to be writing a ten page paper that's due in less than forty-eight hours. I should be getting a Masters of Arts in Distraction!