Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Just learned a new phrase from the Brits ...

There's a cow on his/her ice.

It means, basically, what we Canadians call, "skating on thin ice." About to fall in a hole because you are in the wrong place or saying the wrong thing. I like it.

And a new phrase from a Fin I met ...

From the wrong tree. As in, she's my sister from the wrong tree. Meaning other family, sister in law. I like it.

My son in law says, of someone who knows how to 'press your buttons' ... he knows where your goat is tied. As in, he got your goat. He pokes you where it hurts. I like it.

Put together you might say, "My sister from the wrong tree has a cow on her ice because she knows where my goat is tied." English. What a language.