Friday, August 22, 2008

on Cabbages and Kings

Well, it is amazing what a person doesn't know. I have been with a woman who has given birth and is trying NOT to lactate, and two separate doctors, in two separate conversations, in one of America's premier medical facilities, have told her to put a cabbage leaf into her bra to help prevent milk from coming in.

Two things immediately come to mind when I hear this. First, is wow - what a great natural solutions (no hormones, no painful procedures) and the leaves are a perfect size. And the second thought is WOW - medical doctors who are embracing natural remedies.

So the lowly cabbage, scorned by many and capable of causing blatant explosions within the human body has finally found it's noble raison d'etre (sp?). _____________________________________________________

on a less mysterious note ... I want to inform you that the Canadians have won 17 medals with three golds, and two divers still in the semi-final. I know you don't know about this if you live in America - because mostly American coverage is just that - coverage of Americans.

Yes, we have some good swimmers and a darn hot women's wrestling team - stay clear of those Canadian girls! And it is worth noting that Canadian athletes have to work harder because of the psychological trauma of their outfits ... again a Canadian debacle. Not since Roots was chosen to design the outfits and then set a winter's fashion trend with red berets has Canada had an 'honorable mention' in fashion design for the games. Sad, but we Canadians are strong and brave, being used to overcoming perpetual challenges - such as WINTER and a place in world politics just slightly behind Uzbekistan. Just look at this picture ... it is 'The Right Stuff' all over again. Basically, the Right Stuff wearing the wrong stuff. sigh

So for you world citizens, keep in mind that there are over 200 nations doing amazing things, and 77 who've won medals. Not to mention an athlete who won his nation's first ever medal. A proud silver. Sadly I've already forgotten which man and which country. So this little diatribe is not being given from high moral ground. From down here on the plain I am waving my little Canadian flag - GO TEAM CANADA!


Anonymous said...

Oh Marilyn. I logged on in hopes of some news. Bless you and the blessed mother with cabbage leaves in her bra. Thank God for cabbage. Who knew? My heart is with you all. Elizabeth B.

Anonymous said...

Well, Cabbage is FINALLY good for something!BEC

Anonymous said...

Blessings on all of you! I trust all is well, including the cabbage patch. (What will we learn next?!)