Tuesday, September 2, 2008

being political

Last night I read this in Arther Schlesinger's journal. He wrote it midway in the Democratic convention on July 18th 1984.

"The designation of Geraldine Ferraro as vice presidential candidate is fine, even though one cannot repress the thought that Gerald Ferraro with the same record would not have been in the picture. Margaret Thatcher got to the top in spite of being a woman; Geraldine Ferraro approaches the top because she is a woman. But her example will open the way for women who really earned it. I do not mean to belittle Mrs. Ferraro, who, on small acquaintance, seems a bright and pleasant woman in the Joan Blondell style."

The current Republican nomination for vice president, Sarah Palin, does not give me confidence. In fact, McCain seems to be pandering to me, a woman, by choosing a woman. But can I say that this nominee is no replacement for Hillary Clinton, even if I may not have voted for Hillary.

I mean no disrespect. A woman who makes her mark in our culture does so only with courage and fortitude and in spite of much. This woman also has charm and style. All of which I enjoy and applaud. I wish her well, I wish her the gold star. But vice president? Should the president, God forbid, bite the dust, I would no more feel confident of her as leader of the western world than I would Nancy Grace.

It is one thing to be a strong and fine person, and another to be made of the stuff that will take one into battle. I doubt if Sam Palin with the same credentials would have been given a second thought.

As a woman I welcome female leadership. I know this is a touchy issue, but I can't check my brain at the door and applaud simply because there is a woman on the ballot. Sorry John.

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rachel said...

they had a woman "commentator" on the daily show this week who was saying even tho palin is the ideological opposite of hilary, of course she was voting as a "vagina american" and would be changing her vote to mc cain. it was very funny...

i hate being patronized & pandered to. i like to think that women are smarter than unthinking lemmings who vote based on who has boobs. :)

hmm. i bet no one has ever used the words boobs or vagina on your blog before, huh? :) you can blame it on the percocet if you like...