Wednesday, May 25, 2011

cat love

Drama at the Elliott's on Monday night. Vincent's recently adopted cat, Frank, had gone missing. In truth, Frank was supposed to be kept upstairs in V's room but I hate to see an animal imprisoned and isolated. So I let him run the house and wander outdoors. He managed three days of this without trauma but on Monday he did not come home.

Now, an important factor in this drama is that Frank has asthma. He has severe wheezing fits and sneezes and coughs. Monday night it poured rain. V was out wandering in the rain calling "Frank!!!" and I drove around for a half hour looking for him. Something in me told me that he would get another compassionate home to open their doors to him if he just went into a wheezing fit but that didn't offer much solace to V who held me fully responsible for Frank's fate.

My friend was here and she had a suggestion. "Let's go out and buy another cat that looks like Frank!" (Ahh... the old goldfish switcheroonie that every parent has at least thought about. You know, the goldfish/hamster dies and you quietly replace it to save yourself the trauma of a broken hearted child.) I pointed out that we would have two challenges, to find a cat with his particular markings and to find a cat with his markings that has asthma. She said we could tell V that Frank is feeling better!

That was worth a laugh.

Anyway, about 11 pm who was meowing/wheezing at the back door but Franky, the wayward cat. I would love to know where he went and what he was up to. Did anyone have a gasping cat at their door on Monday night?

I am glad Frank is back. I will also be glad when Frank and his pet, V, move out and get their own home to make the rules in. I still hate that we have a cat locked in a room. My Walter is out lounging in the shade.


Krissi said...

If that were a dog, I would have cried when I read this post. But it was a cat. So I didn't.

rachel said...

marilyn. how many animals have to die before you learn your lesson???? we are nearly in double digits in hamsters alone!! :P

Lee Ann said...

Let him out! Let him out!

Anonymous said...

Like my cat, Miss Princess Kitty Lightner Wilhelm I, you have to know that he was under the porch or somewhere equally nearby and secluded from your view, laughing and wheezing as you allll made your rounds......... I agree, let him out. He came back once, he'll come back again. Next time, rattle the food bag and he'll come running without the mileage on your car ... hahahahahahaha