Saturday, November 14, 2009

on the plane

The conversation is interesting so I lean my head on the window and tip my ear back a bit so I will hear every word. It isn't eavesdropping if you are packed in so close you can the person behind you blink. Granted, it might be eavesdropping if you lean against the window to hear. Whatever...

The two 30-something men behind me are talking about their families. Clearly these families have money, because one tale is a story of a battle about who will use the 'big house' during the holidays. Lots of drama. Siblings fighting. Mom doing manipulative and mean things. Finally he tells his mom that she should never expect to see her grandkids again, that she is a 'sh---y" mom and a 'sh---y' gramma and he is finished with her. He spat out that she has disappointed him twice in three weeks.

The other guy chimes in with his story about the upcoming holidays, his wife being depressed and always 'bi-chy' and all the fights they have. About her sister ... what a witch she is. And on and on.

My kids (all except Ben and Kari and their babes) are coming for Thanksgiving. I couldn't be more excited. I would sleep in a tent to make room. I am combing recipe books to find food they might like - picked up some thin mints because Rae's husband Curtis likes them, made up a fun bag for Kyra and Megan, schemed with Vincent about his arrival. We are packing in baby supplies for the twins.

We like each other. We know we can't live each other's lives, but we like to stand around and watch each other live what they are building of life. We love all the quirks and foibles. We make mistakes and bicker sometimes, but back down as soon as we become aware. Our holiday days won't be a Rockwell painting - it will be mess and tiredness and cooking and helping each other but also tons of laughing, teasing, party noise, helping out, sharing and hopefully each one will go home filled up with love.

We need our people. Cutting each other out is such a catastrophic wound. I am thankful this November that none of my people are lost. I can't wait for our happy bedlam.


Rhonda Merkley Maccarone said...

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving; a day that we can truly be grateful for all that God has given us. Sometimes it's hard because we ourselves get 'cut out' by others for reasons we can't even understand. But I guess God understands as long as we abide by Romans 12:18. Sin is everywhere. If only the world could embrace God's desires what a wonderful place this could be!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Marilyn!

Rhonda Merkley Maccarone said...

Oh and just a comment about your plane pic. That looks like the squishiest plane ride I've ever seen! Definitely not for overly large people!