Sunday, August 2, 2009

on kids and hating and days like that

So ... interesting responses on my blog last week... here's what I think. First, I laughed when I wrote it. The kid who is singing is laughing with her dad ... and I can just see them falling into each other's arm when they are done ...laughing their heads off. It is love really. Ironically.

And for me ... it just felt fun to post that. I don't hate. But I got a ticket and I kinda hated that cop. He smiled the whole time. Hate hate! And I stubbed my foot and definately hated that chair. HATE HATE!
Truth be told, it wasn't even a bad day. Just a turtle on the fence post kind of day. It was a day I laughed a lot even though I felt stuck. And everything went wrong in a kind of orderly consecutiveness. Except that when I went home I went home to the very best place in all the world for me, to the very best person I love to be with, and to my garden and some iced tea and Walter, the cat.

But dang it felt good just to be a hater for one day! And today I am back to my profoundly compassionate, ever merciful, deeply caring self. hmmmph

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Krissi said...

And so nurturing and sympathetic, too.