Tuesday, August 11, 2009

view from the back seat

Driving home from church on Sunday Megan handed Steve a photo holder that had big bees on it. Her question was, "What would you say if I gave this to you for What's in the Bag?"

What's in the Bag is a silly thing Steve does in the summer - a kid is chosen to bring something in a bag, and it is brought to Steve, and after a hymn he calls the kids together and tells a story using what's in the bag.

Well, he starts in. He says, "you know ... if God had this on his dresser"... and I know he is going to say the cheesy thing - he would have YOUR picture in it. So I decided to play devil's advocate.

"HE DOESN'T HAVE A DRESSER~!" Steve, pauses, "If God had a wallet in his pants..."


And Meg pipes up, "No and he doesn't have PANTS! He wears that robe thingy!"



Krissi said...

Love it. I'm laughing out loud.

Lloyd & Sharon said...

We remember "What's in the Bag?"! I could have figured, too, where he would go with "If God had your picture, . . ." But she's right--where would He keep it in His robe thingy? Maybe He has a pocket!

Devious grandma, smart kid; and fun that he is still doing the Bag--he must be able to tell a story about ANY object by now!


Marilyn said...

yes, Sharon. Our joke at the church is that the story is always "Jesus". But sometimes it is more creative. The kids love it. Once here he got a grenade. Can you imagine?