Wednesday, August 12, 2009

on motherhood and having a self

"Motherhood, in the sense of an intense, reciprocal relationship with a particular child, or children, is one part of female process; it is not an identity for all time. The housewife in her mid-forties may jokingly say, 'I feel like someone out of a job.' But in the eyes of society, once having been mothers, what are we, if not always mothers? The process of 'letting-go'--though we are charged with blame if we do not--is an act of revolt against the grain of patriarchal culture. But it is not enough to let our children go; we need selves of our own to return to." (Adrienne Rich, Of Woman Born,37)

I searched for images of mother and child, and found myself caught in a beautiful human expression of joy. Clearly our connections body to body are both prosaic and poetic.
As well, I finished 'a Mercy' by Toni Morrison. All I can say is you MUST read it. I am still so deeply moved that I can feel the story within me.

On Sunday as I drove Steve to church (his car wouldn't start) at 7:30 I listened to a news magazine article on food preparation and its significance in human development.

Kathleen Norris talks about the sacredness of food preparation and the practice of eating together. All of these things begin in me a new depth of seeing how the hands of woman and the gifts of ordinary tasks that are repeated over and over until they are seemingly invisible, are actually some of the deepest pools of sacred living.

These thoughts are a big stew in my mind. Maybe I will serve some if it to you.


tammy said...

hmmmm....well said. serve up your stew my make a tasty stew and you serve it well.

Carolyn M said...

I saw this for many many years in my mother who died in January. The sacredness of food preparation for family, friends, strangers who she didn't even know. I never realized that is was more than just "food" until I saw myself becoming my mother.