Thursday, July 30, 2009

I hate you

This is fitting for my day. Please listen to my blog ... it says it all.


Karen said...

Ooooh, I've had days like that. And when I do, I not only hate everyone, I hate me, too and I hate that I'm having that kind of day. What I need most is for one of the people I'm hating to tell me that I'm lovable, and worthy of being loved, and despite the fact that I hate them, they love me. So, Marilyn, you can hate me, but I love you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Marilyn you are NOT going to like what I say. Although I feel your pain of having a bad day because of OTHERS.

Hope you are having a better ATTITUDE
towards man and woman-kind. AND...hope everyone is making you think better of humans.
Although we might laugh at this little girl's singing I think it is awful to allow a little girl to think that it's okay to say (sing) about hating everyone...esp Y O U!!!
Would you tape your grandaughters singing that? I think I would wash her mouth out! Not really...
but FOR REAL what is up with that??? It is not funny...just wait until she tells her mom or dad...I HATE YOU.
What happened to BE YE KIND?
Off my soap box...
hope your day is PEACHY!

Krissi said...

Psht. It's f@!%ing amazing!