Wednesday, July 8, 2009


In light of my last post - which was this morning - I decided to celebrate another experience of life : womanhood. And I know womanhood pretty well. Me'n my buddy Joy watched the Fourth of July fireworks on the hood of Steve's jeep. May I say, we were indeed on a slippery slope and our womanhood became a pile of hilarity in the mud more than once when our quilt became a soaking wet sled. And we lost all decorum and laughed ourselves SILLY ... all for a pretty good fireworks display. All that without liquor. Or men. Well, we did need the man for the jeep - and a lovely man he is.

Clearly life would be desolate without my woman friends. But my men-folk are pretty fabulous too. So here's to men whose only fundamentals are those their women use to sit on the jeep hood, whose leadership in the home means making coffee in the morning when they could sleep in, whose TULIPs are brought home as a promise of spring and who would defend a woman's point of view with a pointy stick. If they had the chance.


rachel said...


and the men who do the dishes if their wife cooks... i'm just saying...

Krissi said...

I'll take one of those, Rachel. Can I have one who will do my laundry, too?