Thursday, July 23, 2009

Jimmy C separates from Southern Baptist over Women's Position

I did not comment on this immediately - I have been pondering it. I will write my thoughts (they are forming) soon, but first, I must blog about my girls ... see you soon... and I am very interested to begin a line of discussion about this happening. Do you think it is significant?

Jimmy Carter


Krissi said...

Go Jimmy Carter. I was not alive to see him as president, but I support THIS move!

Anonymous said...

I will have to read his full statement myself. The only report I heard on the news (bless their hearts) was his stand against abused women in poor countries, which is a really great thing to take a stand against and speak out on. I did not hear the connection with how that made him leave the church. So it made me a bit confused.
I had better get a wiggle on so I can be IN church today.

Mrs Moose said...

This article is "his full statement", I thought. Yes?

Someone posted on my fB page this comment:

"I agree that there are atrocities mentioned in this article that all people should take a stand against. The problem is when the writer implies that people who are not egalitarians are in the same category as people who support female mutilation. It is not an honest argument."

I say this: If your theology doesn't support the equality of women, then it might be that your theology (ultimately) supports female mutilation.