Monday, September 29, 2008

helloooooo out there....

so what does it take to get my friends to leave comments on my blog. hmmm. maybe i need a less intense topic.

let me tell you about fall in Kentucky. this is how i know it is really autumn. we have a collection of vibrant yellow finches that flit onto our feeders and through our bushes... this glorious bird with a unique call, and distinct habits. sometimes it gets into the bushes and clips its beak along the little branches and (i assume) sucks off all the bugs as if taking meat off a bone. if the flitting and singing is a clue - it makes the bird happy.

in winter the vibrant yellow disappears. i thought our first years that somehow the cold effected the change - like bunnies in Calgary turning white. but we have hardly seen the fifties yet, and yesterday 'my' finches were not yellow. i was shocked. it is fall. my finches prove it even if the weather doesn't.

i have lived in Kentucky for seven years. i love so much about my life. i love that the finches tell me winter is coming.


rachel said...

i never get enough comments to make me happy, either. if we are "putting ourselves out there" there ought to be reciprocity! but, alas, such is not the world of the blogger.

but i love you!

and today i noted that my light had changed ... that's how i tell the seasons are changing. in fall and spring the sun completely recharacterizes itself....

Mrs Moose said...

well, if you've lived in kentucky for seven years that means that this blog-reading rarely-commenting friend has known you for that many years. that's amazing to me.

keep blogging. i read everything you write. i comment in my head. that should count for something.

Lloyd & Sharon said...

It is a beautiful golden, warm, last day of September in Calgary (and the farm)! And yes, I am regularly reading and occasionally commenting. The wonders of techno-communication have renewed our friendship, and I am grateful for that. I even tried to comment on Rachel's blog once, but the computer wouldn't let me!

I am headed today for a very familiar corner to both of us, in both "incarnations"--Crowchild and Brisebois! I have the job of altering choir dresses before RMC choir's first concert THIS COMING Sunday!!

Blessings on your day!


Marilyn said...

you've told me about the light Rae... I enjoy that you see life that way - in the subtle shifts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marilyn-
I have very greatly enjoyed reading your blog, and have been checking it daily for updates ever since I saw yours linked from Pastor Steve's.
Thank you so much for making this available to all of us. The first night I linked to it, I sat and read every single entry! You are such a gift to our church, and to me. Your aunthenticity and vulenerability reaches deep into my spirit and causes a stir in my own pot, a big stir within my faith and how God is at work within us.
I greatly appreciate hearing your thoughts and opinions. I have never commented because reading someone elses thoughts is like peaking into your emotions- feels in a sense like being a spy- I know you, and know you well in the presense of our Heavenly Father who binds us, I know you because you share, and you make "you" available- and although that tie is there, and meant for a purpse I still feel like a stranger looking in on your life. It is the same reason I have not commented on Pastor Steve's blog either... perhaps I need to take another lesson from the example you are setting and share my thoughts with you and cheer you on, and thank you... and even sign my name to it!
-Kirsten Mills, Not Anonymous!