Tuesday, September 9, 2008

just a sittin'

Tonight was lovely - about 70 or less and we sat on our porch for a couple hours. Nothing is nicer than that. Soon will celebrate our 34th anniversary.
Maybe we will celebrate by sitting on the porch.
Pretty bad when that is the pinacle of what can be imagined. But then, we've done almost everything else.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely picture to help us envision you on your porch! Happy soon-to-be anniversary! Your years together have been full and blessed in many ways; may God give you many more!

Sharon A.

Anonymous said...

Furthermore, some of us can only dream about sitting on the porch in the evening in 70 degree weather!!

Sharon again

rachel said...

jeepers. you guys are old.


Karen said...

I know some of the things you two have already done - I'm picturing a tour bus full of Japanese Tourists - so I think sitting on the porch is a very wise decision.

J.D. Walt said...

SO MARILYN. . . ... when exactly was this photo taken? ;-) manfriend.

Anonymous said...

You guys looks amazing.......What a sweet moment in time to sit on the porch and ponder what life has taught and receive the blessings from above. Enjoy!!!!